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Door Shop

Glasers Lumber's door shop offers customers the opportunity to get just the right door for whatever their individual needs and tastes are.  Glasers Lumber has both a steel door shop and wood door shop.  The men who work in the shop have, on average, 20 years experience.  That experience shows in the professional, quality products produced in the shop every day. 

Steel doors are usually the entrance door into your home or building.  They make the first impression for the people entering.  Often in new construction and in remodeling the need arises for a door with a custom configuration.  Glasers Lumber's custom cut down steel door shop can build steel doors with virtually any custom size door jambs and can do any size alteration to the door itself.  The shop also custom cuts odd size door lites, knobs and deadbolts, peeps and specialty lock preps. Glasers Lumber stocks doors from 
Masonite, an American company with 80 years experience making doors.  The shop at Glasers Lumber is one of a very few places in the state of Michigan where a customer can buy a cut down custom steel door right from the shop where it is cut down. 

Wood interior doors can really be the focal point in your home and give it that unique style.  Glasers Lumber's custom wood door shop prehangs doors into jambs, making installations fast and easy.  Glasers Lumber also preps solid wood core commercial doors for hanging in Redi frames, Timely frames and Hollow Metal frames.  We are Warnock-Hersey certified to apply fire lables of 20, 60 and 90 minute to those fire rated doors.  Glasers Lumber custom wood door shop can build your door to your custom door needs.  Glasers Lumber is one of a very few door shops in the state where a customer can buy a custom cut down door right from the door shop.  From double doors and french doors to dutch doors and cut downs the door shop is your place to get the right custom door for your home.  Glasers Lumber is proud to feature doors from 
Masonite and Stallion Doors
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