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The attention is in the details, and the detail is the molding you choose to finish your next project.  Glasers Lumber yard stocks a wide variety of molding.  We make our own solid oak and poplar moldings and stock a wide variety of clear pine, finger joint, MDF (medium density fiberboard) and prefinished moldings.  The moldings listed below are some of our most popular moldings.  For additional profiles please see the pdf. at Molding and Millwork and choose the Detroit guide.  

Casings are typically trim around doors and windows.  Standard size casing is 2¼ inches and can go up to 6 inches.  Glaser Lumber stocks 18 different variety of casing and has availability to many more.  Solid oak, fingerjoint and MDF colonial style is our most popular casing.  

Base board or mop boards trim out where the wall and floor come together.  Standard size for base is 3 inches and ranges up to 10 inches.  Base is available in a variety of materials ranging from oak, clear pine, fingerjoint and MDF, and we stock base from 3 inches to 5¼ inches.

Crown molding is installed at the intersection of the wall and ceiling or to trim out the top of anything else.  From 1½ inches to 5½ inches in oak, clear pine, poplar, fingerjoint and MDF Glasers Lumber has the right crown for just the right place.

Molding has some very specific uses and Glasers stocks a wide variety of moldings for every use.  From panel cap to shoe, wainscot to bed mold Glasers Lumber has what you need to give you that unique style to your trim jobs.
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